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Reusable Medical Isolation Gown

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Reference: TYPE-C

Composition:99% polyester with 1% carbon fiber to help dissipate static electricity ( one layer)

General Characteristics


Permeability and breathability 


Reusable. Resistant to 75-100 washes


Sterilization: Non-sterile 

Product Structure: With 360-degree protection. This product is a woven fabric garment that is 

open at the center along the back with a strappy closure. Round neck with strap closure and 

long sleeves with knitted cuffs.

Intended use and directions for use: Protecting health department personnel from liquids and 

infectious or polluting substances. According to the requirements, the medical staff selects the 

protective clothing of suitable specifications, opens the packaging bag from the opening, 

and then they can wear it.

[Documentations] This product meets the following international standards:

- ASTM D 629 (Quantitative Analysis Test for Textiles)

- AATCC 42-2000

- AATCC 127-1998 (AAMI level 2)

-ASTM D 5576

-ASTM D 2238