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"Exemption approval" of EIA for the first emergency production project of anti epidemic materials

Time: 2020-04-10

Recently, in Zhejiang Huafu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. of Pinghu Economic and Technological Development Zone, the newly expanded ethylene oxide sterilization process has been officially put into use, and sterilization work such as disposable ear loop and protective clothing has been carried out for relevant enterprises.

To win time is to win life. With the coming of the virus, the demand for medical materials, especially disposable ear loop and protective clothing, is increasing. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, Huafu medical equipment hopes to expand the ethylene oxide sterilization process as soon as possible. According to the normal process, it usually takes more than one month for an enterprise to commission the preparation of the EIA report to receive the EIA approval.

After knowing this situation, in order to make the enterprise put into production at the fastest speed, Pinghu ecological environment Branch Bureau organized personnel to go to the scene at the first time. After verifying the enterprise's situation, it granted exemption for the EIA approval of the project in accordance with laws and regulations, so as to ensure that the production materials of the enterprise can be used in the epidemic prevention and control work in time, and inform the enterprise that the expanded ethylene oxide sterilization process still needs to be retained after the end of the epidemic The EIA approval procedures should be timely completed according to the document requirements.

It is reported that this is also Pinghu City's first exemption of the emergency production of anti epidemic materials project EIA. The responsible person of Pinghu ecological environment sub Bureau said that in order to let enterprises enjoy environmental protection services and also win valuable time for enterprises to participate in anti epidemic activities, the ecological environment Branch Bureau optimized the environmental protection service mode through special affairs, and opened up "green channel" for the environmental impact assessment of epidemic prevention projects in less than one day.