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WHO calls for global use of "smart" syringes

Time: 2018-03-13

People's Daily, United Nations, February 24 (Reporter Li Xiaohong) In order to avoid the use of the same syringe or needle for the injection of a deadly infectious disease for multiple people, WHO issued a guide on the 23rd, recommending the use of "smart" syringes in national health projects.

According to Dr. Edward Kelly, Director of the Service Delivery and Security Division of WHO, the “smart” syringes include needle-free syringes, disposable self-destructing syringes, automatic retracting syringes, etc., which prevent medical personnel from being accidentally stabbed by needles. The ability to be infected and to prevent re-use of the syringe prevents the existing disposable syringe from being re-used due to irregular handling.

According to WHO statistics, more than 16 billion people are injected every year worldwide, and unsafe injections cause a large number of diseases. For example, there are about 1.7 million people infected with hepatitis B virus, 315,000 people infected with hepatitis C virus, and nearly 350,000 people are infected with HIV.

WHO urges countries to switch to new “smart” syringes by 2020. It also calls for the implementation of procurement, safe use and safe disposal policies and standards for syringes that may be reused, including the control of syringes for injecting drug users.